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Travelogue – The Nation’s Pride

All at once, a volcanic eruption of travelogue boomed

From among the nooks and corner of my country

And it canopied all the sorrow of the nation’s dust and soot.


Everyone toiled with their inescapable courage

Reaping the thorny roses with their might and skill.

Hard they worked the souls for a brighter tomorrow

The truth of which I had dreamt never in my nation.


Barrels of words smooth the road overnight

Travelogue becomes the cornerstone nationwide

Sharing joys and expectations beyond one’s reach

Vaguely distancing the odds against the evil.


Travelogue could grow the seeds of a new life

And let the country’s wings fly in colors.

Travelogue covers the mist and the vapors

Deepening the nation flourish into beauty looks.



Time flows through the footpath of a faked art

Whilst the tourist flow and flow enjoying the art

Expecting the unexpected from the foreign soil

And the countrymen huddle together to toil.


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