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The Poor Are Exploited

Dark clouds encircle the poor

Through the fragile, hysterical sea of hope.

So they carry lumps of dried swap in the throat.

The rich call them dirty.

They wade through miles in the uneven land

Keeping high beliefs despite extortions

Of their time, energy, and wealth.

The rich call them lazy.

The fair souls stand on their heads

And then feel the agonizing pain

Hurled at them without their knowledge.

The rich call them worthless.

The shock of the mental agony

Reach in the poor fathoms deep

Unable to break the rocky cradles.

The rich call them sluggish.

The voice of the poor one day rise

Echoes throughout the land

But gets snared to the last.

The rich call them untrustworthy.

The poor are to take humility as success

The poor are to take defeat with grace

The poor are to take dollars ascents

Then the rich shall call them sincere.

The rise of dawn is a threat to the poor

The fall of dusk is a peace to the poor

The growth of night teaches in the poor

That the poor are exploited.


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