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On Trying To Be A Part Of Beauty

Over the crystal brims of my life,

Mysteriously and ardently a lady vows to be a part of beauty,

Not knowing the options she thrives to

And least enhanced that there could be a collision.


To those dark fathoms, she rows to the wilderness,

With a belief to fish an eternal soul and be a part of beauty.

Flowing along with the phases of the moonlit nights

I am sure she is ignorant of the oncoming engulfment.


She tries to close all ends meet which is impossible

Undesired and pensive are the hard facts of her choices.

Not alone she is in her battle of being a part of beauty,

Other tender skins too bloom upon the marine love.


She yachts the craving for beauty in others as well

Creating blistering dwellings for the awesome youths

It’s not the body that the crescents take the shape in

It’s all about the future that the pain builds up in.


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