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My First Writing

I held a pencil

I took a paper

I thought I’d write something

I wrote nothing

I couldn’t write.

Again I held a pencil

Again I took a paper

Again I thought, I’d write something

Again I wrote nothing I didn’t know.

I held a pencil

I took a paper

I thought I’d write anything

I wrote nothing

Because I knew nothing.

So, I took a pen

I took a paper

I thought of nothing

And kept on writing but- nothing

Because I knew nothing

And it was that nothing

Which marked the start of everything

And yes – it was my very first writing.


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6 Responses

  1. Batshal says:

    Fantastic writing

  2. Nischal Tamang says:

    Everything happens first time in life.
    We should keep on trying to achieve our goal because one day we will obviously achieve it. Many obstacles and problems appear while trying anything. But like our Ashish Kharga sir we should never give up. “A person who had never faced a problem has never tried something new”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sir your writing are wonder full..😊😊

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