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My Daughter

The lord has truly designed you for me

An unstained living jewel passed from Heaven.

You are indeed beautiful from within

Decorated in feathers of the sweetest nature.

Never in need will you be searching for cosmetics

To appendage happiness and its beauty on others.

The beats of your honest loving heart

Touches every cord of my life.

Your innocence of the words attracts the noblest

Making all aspirations vibrate in eternity.

Manfully, you have made me dream

Of dreams which were too tired and void.

Even the greater attempts at times fail

But in you is a perfectionist.

I do not worry anymore about the cold and the dangers

And never shall I stand shivering on the banks

But ready am always to scramble and jump through

Teaching as well as learning from you the best I can ever do.

Hold on to my hand and don’t tongue on me

Because you are a candle from a holy place

And the world sees you as the platform for a rest.


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