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Misty Eyes Bided Us Farewell

The rustle and the bustle of the tall trees,

Made me feel the slap of morning breeze,

Deepening into nature’s beauty

Lost was in it for a long time.

Welled in my eyes were the tears

That flowed through the dried cheeks

Leaving the chamber of solicitor

Lost in the sea of human misery.

The then my core got pinched to depth

Fumbling and groping for a word;

Failed to come out at the crisis

Waited for those eyes with a throbbing heart.

Darkness enveloped the whimper of his pet,

Evoking gloomy thoughts with each sad note,

The groans, the cries, the prayers, and the wailing

Proved of the advancing partite.

I peeped through the curtain,

Chains throbbed with hearts in dismay,

So I trudged to my room with eyes swelled;

Flunked embracing the solitude of four walls.

From one to another I moved my eyes,

All silent but the engine had started to throb,

Weeping suddenly like a helpless child

He bade us farewell with misty eyes and flogged words.

What could be more jarring to the ear

Then the songs the trees sung which he had raised,

Distinctively audible – the swirls of the waves

As the bushes got straightened to rise but failed

Even as I lay on the couch of that very night,

I had to wonder when even a wink didn’t bother me.

The trees moaned sighing and rustling slow,

Those made me cry even more.


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