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Man’s Abysmal Greed

“Have sympathy on nature

Plead for the praise of love and kindness

Let the world turn away from the rise of swords

Forget the means cultivating nature’s agonies.”


Give birth to the environmental rights

Oh, child, no-where have I found to this day,

A cry that could claim, “My first voice on the environment”.

Nature plays its role

And there are moments to share

When life shan’t go any better than the thought of.

Life wouldn’t be better

Where lives the wild flesh trade, poaching illegally,

Leaves nature crying in agony. We just know nature!

Let even the organisms have pleasances and be paid worth,

Increasing pollution at one’s maxims – control it.


“Drive safe through world’s art of beauty

Innocent, helpless creatures of Earthly nature,

Reflect not on them the cruelty of your drawings

Lay within nature to see how we reaped agonies.”


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