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Maddening Outfits

Once in dark pants, jazzed up by a loose top

Tried to have you a lot to focus my attention on.

You swung with a riot of the sequin work of art

Yet, was unable to match life’s colorful moments.


Twice in the glittering jacket, a real outfit to watch at

You had tried to make it easy for the eye-catchers,

Looking radiant in crimson trimmed hair

And had splendored yourself through a riot of colors.


Thrice in a loose pant, you had coupled to a silky kurta,

Having had a front slit for a quiet chic demonstration

With the rainbow colors on the dark background

And silky splendors ornamented in sophisticated beige.


Many times you had my heart flamed to a setting

Through a wide orange skirt and a black pair of slacks

Loaded with elegant embroidery of neat white dots

This had a floral pattern and delicate maddening wants.



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