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Mad Kiss But Sincere

Only I knew it she was mad

Melting all the belief of superstitions

Covered by the epidemic of the old trust

She had brought out the fountain of conscious thoughts

And I had approached into her life.

There was particularly nothing in her as the best

But to me, her smile was enough to seize me.

Nothing went wrong – she craved in lusciously.

The savage thoughts over-powered the sleeping beauty.

Then everything happened all at once



And I made myself sail by the ship of joy

She was defenseless, her indolence confounded

I turned her life to her wit’s end.

There were promises to build a bridge of consciousness

And we let each other into the sinister depth.

That night it was sophisticated – we both called it.

Our conscience rolled splashing the stars.

We heard sounds, we saw lightning, we felt desire.

We had kissed, bringing both man and womanhood,

And froze into the depths of a make-belief world.

That was celestial and praiseworthy- indeed.

It was a mad act but very sincere in thought.


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