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I Sincerely Thank You

Dear You,

I sincerely thank you for those things which will justify in privileging our relationship as an uninterrupted friendship between us. Amongst all, you had an extraordinary character. Still today, your personalities and talents, the tone of your voice, the different paces of your walks and the giggling tempo of your laughter are popular to my age old eyes and ears.

You had been too fascinating, always accessible as a gossip among my friends. In my heart you have become a living personality who emerged and vanished in a short sphere of time. Lucky me, I was there with you for two short years. Of course, in my profession, I have often met with the characters that have been able to distract me. But you were a massive foundation on which I could erect a super structure of love and warmth.

Your excellence remained in the art of celebrating laughter and happiness. You carried equal-placid temper, threw variety of conversation, possessed true politeness and always remained amiable among all. This encouraged me to enlarge hospitality for you in my heart. You had sworn on me all the respects and I had sincerely gravitated. I sincerely thank you for the many happy hours when you had welcomed me and made me feel comfortable in the cafeteria. Remember! We always enjoyed hot coffee.

Of course! I remember accusing and abusing one another at times on silly issues. Today, I find you invulnerable. Certainly, I had venerated you and thus was able to admire you. You were luminous and had perceived all the shades mingled in your life’s composition. It was always my eagerness to display the wonderful farming and a readiness of the fertility of my wantonness for you. I at times, consciously had affected you with my hidden embodiment of truth. But, trust me; I was not purposely arrogant then. You had sufficiently guarded and cared me. I had judged you well and I remained very sensible. As a result, we never had to regret because we committed no errors.

Today, my life is noticing the gradual fall of the physical strength in me. Even then there are moments when I remember you and I grow by thoughts mischievous. Steadily, I sink into my chair, hold a cup of hot coffee and watch the vapors rising from it. One moment the vapors are there and the next second they vanish into thin air like you. But each morning, I need my hot coffee so that I have a distinct time to go back and meet you in the cafeteria.

Love You,

(Once a college goers)


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