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Dear Readers

Writing poems, stories, articles or essays in English is my forte and pipe-dream from my school days. I always desired to convey my feelings of thoughts and imagination that prevail and compel me to write. My thoughts in my writing mayn’t be compatible and palatable to those who read them. I take delight and derive satisfaction from the inner-self that at least my thoughts have reached where they should. I do not claim myself as a writer as do the claimants of the writer class do. It’s only my pipe dream of writing that urges me to journey a long distance. Finally, sheltering in a humble setting roof made of paper and a pen, I want my dear readers to know the pondering of the floating clouds on whatever is happening around me and the world.

Through this setting I strive to give vent to whatever I think is best. This will bestow solace not only to my ever searching soul but to mankind as well. Keeping interests on different categories of literature at large, stories for children, articles and essays have been penned down. Writing is as different as comparing an apple to a pear. But writing does give peace to a troubled mind and souls. 

Therefore, I share my joys, agonies, and dismays and expect a better openings of thoughts for tomorrow. May dear readers, your days be as purposeful as I expect it to be. Your floating thoughts are as compatible and agreeable as mine. As such, I request you to keep my flame of writing alight and I assure you to update myself with new thoughts and imagination. In fact I bring to you the realities of the mundane world to warm your thoughts.

My works have come out of an emotion felt. It may contradict in itself. It can be full of confusion. Yet, I am sure the time element does not affect its value.What my writings say today will definitely matter as much tomorrow. Some of my works result to a suspense, mysteries and indigestible facts. They all occupy their own space and none others’. I am certain that the identity remains enduring. Dear readers, it is where the true power of truth is revealed and renewed.

Thank You.


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