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In My Room With Madhavi

… we met the other day in the book-shop. Madhavi looked gorgeous in her pinkish out-fit. After a quick exchange of skilled glances followed by carefully designed greetings, I held her to follow me to my quarter a few blocks away. Passers-by watched the two of us curiously but didn’t...

from pillar to post

From Pillar To Post

After three years of his active role as the leader of the mass, they threw him out although he had worked sincerely and still had two more years to go by. Still, he looked pleased. For certain, I couldn’t realize the reasons behind his dismissal from the post and his...

corona and my early retirement

Corona And My Early Retirement

I don’t know, if I should thank the virus Corona, allowing me enough time to pull together the strands of life, observe and experience the curiosity of a retired person from his hectic, regular, but punctual and speedy job schedule. Time is all powerful in itself and keeps changing, so...