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Betrayals Wisdom

A kid Grows to be wise

Leaving behind the life of tender misery.

Every hindrance rise to deadliest fragments;

Seldom is he judged judiciously with days floating by?


His accounts of life have been merely valued

Although sharpness bore in the kid meant no harm.

What may be deeply felt and taken to

Is blinded by the sequence of others’ thought


And they call it they themselves as the perfectionists.

Of course in obtaining a position of influence

Silently and clearly among the crowd,

With sterling integrity, the kid too occupies the space.


Assuming oneself a character that bears the sense

Walks this kid with dreams in life – his esteem vandalized.

Famished, breathless, awestricken, and many more of such

The adoration, calmness, tranquility of sacraments’; all faked.


Sinks the kid into the world of passable whelms.

Somewhere, somehow, the ecstasy of the impatient soul

Hits upon the blank empty space – unknown to rest,

Admirably the kid wanted to achieve something.


The celestial charm, the steadiness to work, and much more

Lets the driven kid run through time fumbling and unaware

Of the catastrophe as caught in a state of the search for support.

The divinity in him has gone unnoticed but significantly.


All the rest drive intoxicated by the sea of faith

The kid feels the same inaction soul in his body

Where temptation hallucinates the young mind

And the kid gets armored in evil expectations.


Fear arises in the society where relativity maneuvers

As the kid concludes life setting it ablaze.

Majestically, the world finds itself in trouble

When the kid stops not for truth and kind acts.


There has been a negotiation of the kid with the devil

The will at heart is nothing to apart from.

A conquered power in the pursuit of revenge

Lets the kid accuse and prowl against others.


A purposeful laugh, the laugh that carries pride,

An indicated insult to those who pass wisdom

Of the richness and popularity gained – conquest

The kid becomes wiser by time and tide.


I have nothing to secure in my arms

Except for the bandages of worship against the odds.

What next can always possess a space amongst us

And we will keep on talking wisdom betrayed.


So, would a kid grow to be wise

Leaving behind the life of tender misery

Every hindrance rising to create another kid

Possessing and bearing what wisdom allows not.


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