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A Moonlit Night

I moved to walk out from the door but I stood at the doorway.

There was such a splendor I had ever noticed before.

She was an exalted sight, divinity above all I had noticed yet.

She was in her glorious state of serine beauty in the night.


I then took a few, calculated wandering and dreamy steps.

I drank deeply the air of a delicious feel.

Her delicacy illuminated the world all around me.

No wonder, but the beauty couldn’t be surpassed by day.


She was half-veiled, seductive, slow, and charming.

She remained a spectacle throwing a display of delights.

I noticed she could eve thrill the hearts of the heartless.

But those who slumbered to bed couldn’t even notice the beauty she laid.


My small home was flooded with her delicate and languid streaks.

The stillness and the softness she possessed let my heart melt.

She was a half-crowned silver hung beyond my reach.

The night spurred dreams in me much more promising than the day.


I ambled along the park with my body embroidered in silver.

I felt I had to be backing home with the oblivion still fresh.

I did so, but with few lines of poetry in her name in my mind.

The lines never grew more appropriate than her beauty.



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